A Dinner Of Leeks

So as some of you might know, Slade, Sime, Floppy, myself and various other members of our circle of friends wrote a book. Now, it was not a very good book, gentle reader. In fact it's not even a remotely good book. In fact, it's the worst book ever. At least that was our intent.

The book is full of nonsense to an incredible degree. Even though its only a short novella we managed to fit in a lot of insanity. I mean A LOT. We first tried to trick noted sham publisher Publish America into buying it, but when that didn't work Slade and I shopped around. You'd be surprised how few publishers are interested in a book where a kid named Miguel turns into a mexican Jew and a woman is eaten by a lion pretending to be Cthulu.

But we found one!

Slade edited the entire thing and formatted it as well as helping to write an introduction. I wrote up an author biography and after a few tries we had a complete book. You can buy the Dinner of Leeks first edition novel exclusively at this location.

I'm working on getting reviews from anyone I can so if you're a semi famous person and you'd like a free copy just drop me a line and I can get you a review copy gratis.

If you're wondering why you'd want to buy a book this horrid then I think I can help you out.

  1. It actually is funny if you can get past "what the fuck are you guys on?"
  2. A book report on DofL will make any teacher look at you weird.
  3. You can give it as a gift to a friend you hate.
  4. You can infiltrate it into your school library.
  5. You can put it on the bookshelves of your enemies while they're not looking.
  6. You can roll it up and use it as a 1D3 weapon. If your attack role is higher than your opponent's CON check it can temporarily take away one point of INT just by touching them.
  7. It's a great coffee table book, novelty item, and a conversation piece.
  8. If you want a book that can show you how not to write a book, look no further!

Anyhow, my friends and I had a marvelous time writing this, and we all hope you'll enjoy it, or at least not decide to kill yourself afterwards, as that would create a messy legal thing.

Anyhow, you can talk about the book in its official forum thread or if you're still not convinced check out these almost fair and only slightly biased reviews.

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