J M Does the news: The Musical

Extra Extra, Paul McCartney still alive, an idiot.

Call me Paul McCartney, and today I say to you
I'm bigger than John Lennon, bigger than Jesus too
I taught the lad everything he knows of politics and peace
I was the antiwar beatle, if you don't think so you're diseased
Forget about that song I wrote
Endorsing war with every note
Forget that it happens to have a name in common
With operation enduring freedom, and all its bombin
Boy I'm glad John's not about
Boy I'm glad he's dead
If he heard me being such a lout
He'd nonviolently go upside my head

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28224805/

Paul McCartney, best known for being in Wings and sucking, has now claimed that he was the heart of antiwar sentiment in the Beatles, and not Lennon as the entire world knows. And if poverty in Africa is ever ended, it won't be because of celebrities like Bono, it'll be because of Paul McCartney.

The anti war sentiment of this douchebag is best summed up in this conscientiously objecting song released around the opening of festivities in Bush's first invasion, operation enduring freedom.

Talkin' about freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

Anyone tries to take it away
They'll have to answer
'Cause this is my right


Oh, wait a tick. That's not anti war at all. Indeed it sounds like an endorsement of aggressive warfare so long as it be under the pretense of protecting our freedom. Such as Iraq or Vietnam or any imperialist war the US feels like engaging in. Yes, clearly McCarney is the political beatle. If you mean politics in the sense of Nixon and Bush.

Now, don't get me wrong, Lennon's revolutionary credentials are not stellar either. Revolution is a pathetic white liberal dig against my brothers in the Black Panther Party even though at the same time they were backing a nark named Tim Leary who was only free because the BPP let him crash with them in Algeria.

But I still have to doubt that Mr. Lennon would write a song endorsing the invasion of Afghanistan (and the subsequent invasion of Iraq). Also John Lennon is dead. So it's not exactly fair to call him a poseur anymore.

Bush not pleased with Tom Morello's offered hospitality

Hey there ya'll it's soon to be former president Bush
Much like Paul McCartney I'm still around
I hear some folks in Britain are after my Texan tush
Over all my fun torture sites that they've found
Now I'd love to explain
Just how much fun it is causing pain
Laura and I experiment some times in the bedroom too
See, I'm not a square, I'm into freaky bondage just like you
Now my idea of how to get my jollies off
May seem less than tame
But don't all you good Christians scoff
I use heathens for my games!
I drown them and blast loud music for months at a time
For some reason they get suicidal and sad
It's days like that I just want to hook up the battery lines
And electrocute their olive gonads.
Now everyone knows I'm a sick sadistic pig
But these musical fairies have a new gig
They say it's wrong using the sesame street song
To try to inflict lots of pain and to drive I kidnapped batfuck insane
Tom Morello says they should lock me in a room
And blare Rage Against The Machine til I snap
He thinks that might teach me not to be a fascist goon
But I think he's sympathizing with terrorists and full of crap
Now Tom I know just what to do about
You providing lyrical support to Muslims with your anthem
I'll kidnap you like I did them, I've still got the clout
You look like a Mexican, but I reckon you'd pass for one of them


So, RATM and Massive Attack are working with Relief, a defense organization for so-called terrorists, for a benefit and to stop using music as a means of torture. The article has statements from Binyam Muhammed saying that months of loud music drove many inmates insane at a CIA torture site. Also, for all the Americans in the audience who still don't get how this is our prolbem, from a fucking white Christian American like yourselves from Chicago who was also tortured with this tactic.

I give my fullest endorsement to Tom Morello's call that we try and imprison George Bush and use his own tactics on him (since he insists that these tactics are not inethical torture, he shouldn't mind). I would greatly prefer the death penalty, which has a precedent in trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I say to the incoming administration, Try George W Bush and all those who aided him, for his villainous evil. Punish every pig who has tortured his fellow man, or admit that the US judicial is utterly impotent and has no interest in human rights or the rule of law. To do so, however, will be to submit your fascist friends to the Peoples' Justice, which I hope will come with a swiftness.

If the government does not act, the people must.