Chyld - by Chyld

See? Isn't he such a rugged and sexy man?Left: Chyld spending some quality time at home, working on his physique. He claims of this picture, "yeah, I look a bit fat in this one. Must have been from just after Chirstmas. I only had the time to knit five hundred blankets for orphans that year, and I overdid it on the rice and water that year. I've managed to trim most of it off now."

Chyld was born to nine virgin maidens, and is rumoured to have been the son of the Norse god Thor. From an early age, people always noticed almost a glow of power and strength, tempered by a calmness coming off of him.

At school, Chyld continued to shine, even in pointless subjects like textiles and that one where you spent half a year making a torch out of two sheets of plastic, a watch battery and an LED. He was often ostrasized by his peers, since they feared that which was evidently detined to ascend far beyond their ken.

Not even acquiring a collection of raging drink, pot and cigarette addictions did much to bring Chyld down, although he has been known to comment they were "awesome as fuck, yo".

These days, Chyld exists as a web design mercenary, coding for anyone who will pay him in money, gold, or better still, technological artefacts. He once coded a site for an organisation known only as the Brotherhood of Debiliation, who gifted him with a beautiful robotic spider. He has yet to unravel the workings behind this device, but for now, delights in his webs spun of delicate steel strands.

Name: Chyld

Occupation: Web Designer, Time Waster, Time Lord.

Age: Hungry

Religion: Chedder Cheese

Politics: Monster Raving Loony

Sex: Damn good at it too

Gender: Studies, is a pointless degree. Moreso than his own of Philosophy

Hobbies: Making a mess, eating things, painting small green men

Favorite band: The elastic one he uses to keep his his trousers up.

Titles: H1, H2, H3 and H4. H5 and H6 makes the text smaller than just standard paragraphs.

Likes: Desperados, schnapps, flavoured vodkas

Dislikes: Martini, Black Death Tequilla

Favorite quote: The entire episode "Deja Vu", from the second series of Flying Circus

Favorite dish: A deep pan pizza dish

Pets: A small tabby cat called Amy, currently not trained to kill, but perfectly balenced for sitting on shoulders. Also, a young lady known only as The Missus.

Chyld can usually be found in his own splendid website, and would like someone to notice his portfolio of high quality web design.